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Wii News: Postal III coming to Wii?
Innocent comment starts rumours of the violent rampage heading to Wii

There's an incredibly slim chance that Postal III, the latest incarnation of the violent series, could be coming to Wii, if comments made by the developer are taken with more than a slight dose of optimism.

Speaking on website Scrawl, the developers had the following to say:

"We are now in the early stage of designing POSTAL III for the PS3. Every developer has their own approach, so while we started first on the Xbox 360, we are now committing to the PS3 as well, and hopefully who knows maybe even the Wii."

Hardly concrete evidence, but if nothing else it's a sign that the developers are showing interest in porting their title to the Wii.

What is Postal, though?

My main memory of Postal II is shooting one of the in-game characters in the head - a passer-by noticed, started vomiting, and then I smashed his head off with a shovel whilst vomit continued to flow out of the neck. Good stuff.

The game was a subtance-less waste of time, though, apart from the ( admittedly ) entertaining violence - short-lived, poorly put-together ( with horrendous load times ), but ultimately quite stupid fun for a short while.

I haven't heard anything to make me believe Postal III will be any different. One for the tabloids to scream about, but quite possibly one most gamers will toss aside without a second thought after they've had a bit of visceral fun.

Posted by: James
Timestamp: Sunday, June 1 2008

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