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Wii News: Female behind: excellent promotional tool
Who would've thought it?

As much as I hate to propagate the 'all gamers are drooling sex maniacs' notion, this story is fairly amusing: in a nutshell, some dodgy looking bloke filmed his girlfriend wiggling her arse around whilst playing the Hula Hoop game on Wii Fit. And uploaded it to YouTube.


Consequently over 2 million views got racked up of the afore-mentioned lady's hula routine, the boyfriend got an earful from a somewhat understandably narked off girlfriend, and Nintendo denied all knowledge of having anything to do with it.

The boyfriend works in advertising, apparently. Cue conspiracy theories.

What a lovely story.

You can check out the video here...

...and you can leave your comments right here. Bonza.

Posted by: James
Timestamp: Wednesday, June 11 2008

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