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Wii News: Crazy Mini Golf 'announced'
A delightful microcosm of my problem with the Wii.

Perhaps I'm being harsh, but titles like this really are not necessary. In any way. There's plenty of golf games on the Wii already. There is absolutely no need for another one, particularly one ( apparently ) being created by a bunch of barely literate insane people. Check this:

"Now you can have... crazy fun in your own home thanks to Data Design Interactive - a successful video games publisher and games developer, who today announced a new title to be added to their Nintendo Wii label, Popcorn Arcade, kidz Sports - Crazy Mini Golf."

Anybody putting a 'z' as opposed to an 's' on the end of a word to make it appeal to the 'yoof' shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a computer, let alone allowed to make a game.

It goes on, though:

"DDI have incorporated two game styles; for first timers it’s a case of hitting the A bottom when you are lined up, then moving your arm up and down before hitting the B bottom - simple. If you fancy a real challenge, you could try the Sim version where the hitting of the ball and its strength is down to you - once mastered, you will feel like a putting green King…"

Really? Or will I feel like I've wasted my money on a half-arsed putting game? Especially as, from the look of the press release, you have to shell out for some kind of special controller that features 'bottoms' instead of buttons.

Take a look at this screenshot. Does it look 'crazy' to you? No, it doesn't. It looks rubbish.

Crazy Mini Golf.

I'm not posting any more of this crap.

Maybe it's the heat making me cranky.

Wii UK - the website that doesn't just regurgitate press releases ( we even read them ).

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Stay tuned for more news.

Posted by: James
Timestamp: Monday, June 16 2008

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