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Wii News: Wii update prevents Freeloader
No more NTSC games, if reports are true

Our friends over at Gonintendo report that the latest Wii firmware update, amongst other things, prevents Datel's Freeloader from working - meaning that those of you who use the Freeloader to play games from another region will not be able to update your console if you wish to keep playing them.

The update also fixes a glitch in Twilight Princess that allows for the creation of a 'Homebrew Channel', allowing for unofficial software and other cheeky stuff to be run on the console. The Homebrew Channel itself, if you've already created it, is reportedly not affected.

If anyone can confirm any of this for us please e-mail me.

Stay tuned for more news.

Posted by: James
Timestamp: Tuesday, June 17 2008

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