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Wii News: Wii add-on revealed
'MotionPlus' to bring exact movement replication to Wii

Nintendo have announced that 'MotionPlus', a new add-on for Wii, will be released along with a new title, 'Wii Sports Resort', a game that sounds impossibly chirpy and bright.

MotionPlus is a tiny unit that connects to the bottom of the Wii remote, granting far finer replication of movement than the Wii remote currently allows. Which means if you completely bugger something up in a game, you can no longer blame it on the controls. It's all YOU.

Wii Sports Resort is, unsurprisingly, based around a similar premise to Wii Sports, albeit with a summery, island-resort style twist. There'll be a Jetski racing minigame ( thank god ), apparently developed by the same team behind the awesome Waverace games, and various other minigames including a frisbee-throwing title.

Quite why Nintendo needed to release an add-on, presumably at extra cost ( unless you buy the game ) just to facilitate slightly easier throwing of a frisbee is beyond me. Perhaps they have some kind of higher purpose.

People certainly aren't going to take too kindly to having to shell out for an extra peripheral. The whole point of the Wii remote is that it allows intuitive motion control out the box - the release of this 'enhancing' device somewhat undermines the effectiveness of the Wii remote in the first place.


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Posted by: James
Timestamp: Thursday, July 17 2008

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