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Written by Phil Thompson

Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS, when introduced into the market, received unsurprising amounts of criticism from people who hadn't played it. People were saying it was 'a stupid idea.' People recalled unsuccessful attempts by Electronics Company Tiger Electronics. However, when such critics got their hands on the system, their mouths slammed shut.

Even now, people are still 'having their first touch,' with the aid of games such as Nintendogs, Brain Training, Polarium, Metroid Prime Hunters and Electroplankton, and are left positively stunned by what the system can do.

This is what Nintendo expect from Wii. They have already witnessed the mad E3 rush to the Nintendo stall, at which waiting lines extended for over 3 hours, in, out and around Nintendo's ice white, neon-lit booth. And, as expected, people came out with a new found craving for Wii. Playing is the key to Wii's success, as it was to the DS - only when the consumer actually has a go can any scepticism be abandoned.

If the story is the same for the industry as it is for the consumer market, Nintendo could be on the road to regaining their market share from competitors Sony and Microsoft. DS was a test run. It went well. It proved that the market was ready for change. Nintendo have taken this evidence, built on it, and have designed Wii to deliver the same success (and money printing goodness [it may as well be]) as Nintendo DS.

And if they're lucky, they may just pull it off.

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