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Written by Phil Thompson

Let us say, for example, that Nintendo dished out four-and-a-half million dollars on that booth. That's $4,500,000, or around 2,400,000. Now think to yourself. How many trucks could they buy with that? Let's say $200,000 a truck. That's twenty-two trucks. Now, for $4,500,000 they could purchase twelve trucks, at a grand price of $2.4 Million, and kit each one out with Wii and DS systems. They could drive them round the country, stopping at various festivals and other events. A week of that would gain far more PR and exposure than three days in a sweaty convention centre only open to industry types. All for around the same amount of money.

And the money doesn't stop there. Dear God, no. Think of all the extra expenses. The huge electricity bill they're presented with. The press conference event. The advertising. Product shipping. Booth transportation. Booth construction. The free flights. At the end of the day, it all adds up. We'll say, to another million.

So now, we're at $5.5 Million. Goodo. This added million could go towards advertising for the trucks. A website, even. But forget about the trucks. There's one question which plagues my mind, and of course, the mind of many others. Why spend millions and millions of dollars on the amount of exposure you could get for the price of a large piece of paper, a projector, room hire for a few days, and a few hundred chairs? It just seems totally illogical.

This alone suggests the whole event is no longer about the games. It's about improving the company image. The idea of 'I've got more than you.' It's one big competition. One big, inordinate, one sided competition that nobody can win, and all just to look that little bit better than everybody else. It's unnecessary, upscale events like E3 which are costing the industry much needed time and money and frankly, I'm happy to see the back of it.

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