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The real revolution
Written by Calum Bennett

Classic Controller
Classic Controller
Amongst the numerous features of the Wii, one has been ( for the most part ) forgotten. It is easy to see why. People are inclined to talk about what new features the Wii can bring to gaming, rather than bringing back old ones. Is there really room for discussion about a feature that allows gamers to download classics from the past?

The answer is quite simply yes - I would even go as far to say that the Virtual Console is equally as important to the Wii as the controller. Oh yes.

Nintendo want to attract new gamers by introducing new control methods and simplifying their games so that they are accessible to everyone. Older games are generally more accessible than the new games. This is largely due to their simple controls and simple graphics. 2D graphics generally appeal to new gamers as they are usually quite simple and represent fun rather than realism. The Mario series fits this category perfectly, with simple graphics, very simple controls and one heck of an adventure on top. While the virtual Console will no doubt attract new gamers, it is just as likely to attract old gamers.

Many people have given up gaming because they don’t have enough time, or it has gotten too complex for them to keep up with. The Virtual Console will prove effective in this demographic ( providing the people do now have the time that they lacked before ). People will want to relive the games that they played before, but have most likely sold. Another aspect that will re-introduce gamers is the price of the games. Whilst no specific pricing plans have been revealed, it isn’t too hard to predict what they will be. I don’t want to get our hopes up too much, so I’ll just say that I assume that games will be around the five pound mark (obviously the price will vary between console, with NES games being cheaper). This is clearly going to gather a huge amount of gamers. You could buy the console for however much it will be, and then purchase games through the Virtual Console at small prices which would be cheap and you would be able to have many classic games at your disposal. Although it’s not just the classics that will be available for download…

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