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Red Steel Interview
Published by James Hobbs

How do you recognize Japan in the game?

You will recognize Japan because you’re an occidental person and this game is designed as Japan being seen by occidental people. So we use the typical stereotypes: geisha, ideograms, paper rice… We made two trips in Japan to make pictures & notes. We are Japanese as much as we can but seen by our occidental emotions and vision. At the end it is like the Kill Bill vol. 1 movie. It is a high concentration of stereotypes about Japan that are used in a very exciting way for a westerner audience.

It seems that you also work a lot on oppositions, can you explain more?

Sure! The “oppositions” are something we worked on at all levels for the development of Red Steel. This is the heart of the game. Because it is cool but also really faithful to Japan & the game concept. For instance, the story of a US guy who discover a new Asiatic culture or the mix of modernity & traditions present everywhere in Japan. For all westerner, Japan is the country where you have ancestral traditions and looks (Geishas, kimonos, ninjas…) and at a same level, top notch technology with all the electronic devices you can find in Japan. At a graphic level, it gives us the opportunity to build the maps around this contrast. This can be illustrated with a Dojo lost in the middle of modern buildings.

What did you like the most creating or “recreating” for the game?

It was very fun to work on the Geisha pleasure level with small both traditional & modern streets. The traditional side of Japan is really interesting to develop such as the bamboo forest. In terms of characters, all of them were fun to develop but the fisher men and the characters from the Gun Fighting map that we will unveil later, were the funniest to create. Of course, Mama San was also very cool to create & design.

What is the link between the game style vs. the story vs. the atmosphere?

All points influence & complete all points. The game is all about style and edginess. This is rendered by this specific eye catching style, the exotic locations and the fascinating underworld of yakuzas. Everything goes together to build a really cool and exciting experience.

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