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Bomberman Land
Party Game
TBA 2007

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Bomberman Land
Written by James Hobbs

Bomberman is making his debut on Wii with the imaginatively titled ‘Bomberman Land.' However, rather interestingly the game does not follow the tradtional Bomberman format - instead of running around dropping bombs to kill your foes, the game appears to be shaping up more like Wario Ware. The game is basically a collection of mini-games, and just like WarioWare: Smooth Moves, takes advantage of the motion-sensing Wii controller.

Not all of the mini-games are known yet, as only three were shown at the E3 games expo: Pierrot, Spacetube and Mountain. Pierrot is a really simple game, where you balance a cannon ball on top of a long stick. Characters will throw objects at the ball, making the ball harder to balance. Spacetube is an obstacle course, and as you might have guessed, you have to dodge objects. You move the controller to the left to make Bomberman move to the left, move the controller to the right to make Bomberman move to the right, and flick the controller upwards to make Bomberman jump over objects. Mountain is just like the game ‘Duck Hunt,' with volcanic rocks flying towards you which you have to destroy.

Bomberman Land appears to be yet another game that is aiming to appeal to the widest audience possible. While this is all well and good, it would be lovely to have had a proper Bomberman game - in their efforts to appeal to the widest audience, the developers may well have alienated their original audience.

I know which type of game I'd rather see.

As we get more information on this game, this preview will be updated.

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