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Battalion Wars 2
Action / Strategy
TBA 2007

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Battalion Wars 2
Written by Grant Miles

The original Battalion Wars on the GameCube was a 3D remake of the popular Advance Wars series, and went large unnoticed by a lot of gamers. Despite the lack of attention, Battalion Wars was an excellent game in its own right, and not merely a 3D spin-off of its predecessor.

Battalion Wars 2 takes the original GameCube format and builds upon it. In something of a homage to Star Wars, the game sees the evil 'Solar Empire' creating a super-weapon with which to take over the world. Not the most original idea ever envisaged, but as long as the end result is interesting tactical gameplay then it's not too much of an issue. In Battalion Wars 2, you can command all of the units you control, ranging from tanks to infantry units. More units have been added to this incarnation of the game, with the developers promising 5 new naval units, new ground vehicles, and six different races to play with. The ability to capture buildings, a common feature in RTS titles, has also been implemented, allowing you to take over enemy buildings and utilise them for your own dastardly purposes.

As you would expect, the game makes full use of the Wii remote - as you move the controller, a target moves on the screen, and you press B ( the trigger button underneath the remote ) to shoot, sometimes holding it to charge up certain weapons. The Nunchuk analogue stick is used to move, and you can shake the remote to make your soldier jump or shake it to the right or left for a combat roll. It's not yet known how the controls will work for controlling vehicles.

Battalion Wars will also, thankfully, feature Wi-fi connection multiplayer. There will be 3 mode of online play: Skirmish, Co-op, and Assault. If implemented properly, this could turn out to be one of the best features of the game.

Despite the fact the current build of the game is running on a GameCube development kit, the graphics are looking fairly sharp, albeit lacking in overall detail. This is something the developers should be able to work on, and certainly Battalion Wars has the potential to both look and play very nicely indeed. Decent strategy titles are always lacking on consoles - let's hope this one is a must buy.

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