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Disney's Cars

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Written by Grant Miles and James Hobbs

Indeed, omitting the stupidly lengthy prefix of 'Disney presents a Pixar' something or other, we have Cars. Cars is a movie tie in, and movie tie ins are normally rubbish games. And, unfortunately, this looks set to be no exception, even with the Wii and the remote. As you may be able to tell, we here at Wii UK aren't huge fans of movies-made-into-games, so please accept our apologies for any apparent lack of enthusiasm.

This game is like a story based racer, with talking cars ( definitely a movie tie in, I hear you say ). Basically you just race around very bland looking generic tracks in these cars, and if you win, it helps the story progress. As I said, even with the Wii remote this looks set to be a very boring game. You use the remote like Excite Truck, on it's side, horizontally, tilting it left and right like a steering wheel.

Another thing that made this look set to be even worse is that the cars go so slowly. For a game that revolves around cars racing, the lack of speed is quite surprising. After the initial 'look, the cars can talk!' novelty has evaporated, no doubt the game will descend rapidly into a hole of complete tedium. That's all we can say really. There is no more information on the game other than that it relives the film, which we haven't seen, and that there will be 50 races! Excellent. Enjoy the screenshots. They're from the GameCube version of the game as the publishers haven't provided us with any Wii shots.

We recommend waiting for Excite Truck.

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