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Written by James Hobbs

Elebits is yet another game developed by a third-party developer ( Konami ) that actually bothers to utilise the possibilites that the Wii controller allows. The amount of third party support already is extremely encouraging, particularly considering the dearth of decent third party support for the GameCube. Having said that, Elebits could quite easily be a shoddy title that does Wii no good - at this stage it appears that it could go either way.

The concept behind the game is this: Elebits are tiny creatures that provide all of the power in the world in which the game is set - they are an organic power source. However, in rather a silly twist, they like to cause 'mischief,' and as such it is down to the player to round them up and prevent said mischief from occurring. Rather a quirky concept. Thankfully, this doesn't require you to rifle through bushes and sock drawers - you come armed with some kind of gravity weapon powered by the Wii-mote, ( a la Half Life 2 ) which allows you to fling around any objects that happen to be in your way on your search for the Elebits. Including cars.

The ability to fling around objects in quite a destructive way sounds absolutely superb, and as you collect more Elebits, your power increases, which will hopefully enable you to achieve even more ridiculous feats of environmental meddling. However, despite the strange and hypnotic sounding concept, so far the title looks rather under-developed. Admittedly there is quite a lot of time for the developers to improve the game, but graphically ( and that is all we can comment on so far ) it looks like a cheap arcade racer - blocky, simple texturing, and a general lack of detail. With the controls being such an important aspect of a game like this, it is possible that Konami have been tuning them and will give the game a bit of graphical polish between now and launch. I certainly hope so. Whilst the game does sound very interesting, it appears to have a way to go yet.

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