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Final Furlong
Horse Racing
TBA 2007

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Final Furlong
Written by Grant Miles

Horse racing, eh? Hmmmm... I have to be honest with you and say I hate horse racing, so when I heard there was a game of this 'sport' coming to the Wii, well, I wasn't exactly wetting myself with excitement. To tell you the truth it had quite the opposite effect.

You are probably wondering how Final Furlong utilises the Wii remote. Well, you hold the Wii-mote and the Nunchuk attachment and basically use them like the horses reins - swinging them up and down, swinging faster to make your horse speed up and vice versa. In terms of horse racing games, this is probably the most 'realistic' and physical. Whether or not that's saying much, is another question.

Of course, you can't just swing the controller and nunchuk like a maniac as fast as you possibly can. Your horse will eventually run out of stamina so there will be a tactical element to Final Furlong too.

So, is that it? Well, yes, it is really. It isn't yet known if there will be tournaments or how many race tracks there will be in the game, but even so, I can't help thinking that it will get very tedious after a while. The novelty of waving your arms about, just like you did in the last race, doesn't sound like it will appeal much after a couple of goes. Also, another worrying thing is that your arms will most probably ache after a few races, so you'll just give up playing it.

This doesn't look set to be a good game, even using the Wii remote as the horses reins. I can't say I'm thrilled to bits knowing one of my least favourite sports is coming to the Wii, but maybe, just maybe, horse riders may show an interest in Final Furlong. When we receive some screenshots they will be uploaded to this preview. Final Furlong is released in 2007.

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