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Madden NFL '07

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Madden NFL '07
Written by Grant Miles

In a way, the Madden franchise suffers from a similar blight to that suffered by football games. Normally, these series show little change, and can get quite repetitive. A few extra polygons here and there and whichever new players are currently around - very little change other than 06 on the cover instead of 05. What I'm getting at is this: who wants to pay 50 for better textures and some new players other than hardcore fans? Not many people, and certainly not the demographic that Wii is targeting - 5 to 95. However, the Wii version might just change all that...

For starters, as you've probably guessed, the way you play the game is completely to any other incarnation of the game. Hats off to EA for implementing Wii's control system, and from the sound of it they have implemented it fairly well. In the game you use the nunchuck to move your player on the pitch, while the actual remote is used for passing, kicking, and other moves by 'throwing' the remote as if throwing a ball. This will obviously make a huge impact on the gameplay - this is surely the most physical way of playing an American football game other than going outside and doing it yourself. The harder you 'throw' the Wii remote, the further your shot. As you can see from our screenshots, it does look rather easy to control...

..which is why this probably won't be avoided quite as much as usual. Of course, this won't be an essential to most people like Super Smash Bros Brawl and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but this should be shown some respect for not being the same as last year and for EA bothering to put it on the Wii and utilise the controller. In America this game is certain to be hit - in the UK, the novelty factor of the sport combined with how easy it looks could well help it to appeal to a broader amount of users than usual. For UK Madden fans, this will be positively essential. Good on EA, and we look forward to testing this title out.

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