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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Written by John Robinson

Superheroes are strange individuals. Not only does their choice of clothing leave their crotch on display 24/7, the spandex clad heroes are loners by nature. OK, Batman had Robin, but that was more a sympathy thing than anything. Fighting the forces of evil is a one-on-one thing. Good versus evil, superhero versus supervillain, and lots of macho posturing.

However, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance brings a plethora of superheroes to the fold, eschewing the traditional 'one man against the world' formula in favour of team-based battling. Following the events of X-Men Legends 2: Rise of the Apocalypse, Doctor Doom ( aka. Death after a bit of plastic surgery ) has formed a new ĎMasters of Evilí syndicate, hell bent on stealing Odinís power and achieving World Domination. Itís up to you to build a team of four from 20 initial superheroes to fight the Masters of Evil Ė including web-slinger Spiderman, sultry assassin Elektra and YMCA wannabe Captain America. With different capabilities and attacks, you can create a team which best suits your preferences and abilities.

Over 140 characters from the Marvel universe will feature in the game, from the good, the bad to the down right ugly. Throughout the game, you can take part in special comic book missions, revisiting a moment in your characterís past and facing their arch-nemesis. With customisable team names, logos and vehicles, as well as multiple routes and endings throughout, it seems the game is designed to give you an individual experience.

The usual co-op fare will feature in the title, but will be lacking the online capabilities from the other formats. These games focus on co-operation, so getting a few friends around to play this will be the best way to experience it. The Wiiís unique capabilities donít do unnoticed in this adventure, with motion-sensitive controlled attacks exclusive to Nintendoís next generation console. Hopefully, this will add a different edge to the often generic game play of similar titles. The game also features Ďdynamic combat capabilitiesí, which means airborne and ground battles, with foes as well as environmental weapons also at your disposal.

It would seem that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is attempting to do something a little bit different, but it remains to be seen if it will be successful or not. Typically games of this nature can be clumsy to control, and repetitive in nature, so as soon as we can get our hands on it we'll let you know if this game batters the rest into submission.

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