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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - Second Opinion
Written by Mat Harding

Produced by the talented Vicarious Visions (creators of the Nintendo wifi connection launch title American Sk8land DS), Marvel Ultimate Alliance is an action/RPG that allows the player to create a crack team of some of the greatest super heroes ever. Marvel favourites such as Blade, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor and Wolverine will all be available as playable characters. For what purpose? Yes, you guessed it, to once again defeat the arch enemy Dr. Doom. Who else could it be?

The game is scheduled for launch on multiple systems, from the Gameboy Advance and PC to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Because of this, should we be expecting a generic template for multi-platform release? Will the Wii version be purely a port that doesn't take advantage of its unique features? Thankfully not....

While the game and plot will stay true to the other versions, the control method has been re-designed for the Wii to make the most of the controller. The game will utilise five core motions that can be applied, with different results, to the character you are controlling at the time.

Gestures have been programmed for charge attacks, grappling and throwing amongst other actions, along with destroying the environment. Take control of Spiderman and throw webs by moving the controllers forward, the very same motion could send Wolverine thrusting towards an enemy in an attacking leap. Promising stuff for a Wii first generation multi-platform game.

The nunchuck attachment has also been utilised to move the position of the camera by tilting it, this can be done at any time during gameplay. All while not missing a beat during a combo attack on one of Dr. Dooms minions. If early reports are anything to go by, it seems Vicarious has already set a standard in camera control for what could prove to be a staple nunchuck feature in third person Wii games.

The graphics are looking crisp and well rendered, certainly indicative of a machine capable of something closer to next gen than current. The riotous particle effects in particular are very impressive, most noticeably the realistic looking fire and flames. Aside from the single player mode the game also features multiplayer in the form of co-operative and competitive modes. Unfortunately, there will be no option for online play via the Nintendo wi-fi connection.

If you're a fan of Marvel comic characters, a Wolverine fanatic or simply fancy a 'Gauntlet' style third person RPG that promises to pack a lot of punches this could be another title to add to the ever growing 'must have' list for the Wii.

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