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Need for Speed: Carbon

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Need for Speed: Carbon
Written by Grant Miles

There are a lot of debates about the graphics on Wii and how they do not meet the standards set by the Xbox 360. Personally, I think that gameplay is a lot more important than graphics, but for those who don't and are concerned about Wii's graphical power, one look at the Need For Speed: Carbon screenshots will no doubt take this concern away from you.

The game, to put it simply, looks fantastic. The lighting effects are lovely, the cars look realistic: it looks great. Driving games are getting more realistic graphically all the time, and the Wii version of Carbon seems to be able to keep up. We're yet to see it in motion however, but hopefully the developers will ensure that the frame rate remains acceptable.

The 'plot' is as you would expect with a game of this genre: a quest for popularity and street cred, with races being the key to progression. When you become more popular, other racers will want to join your crew. However, you can't just pick the first racer that offers to join your crew, as certain racers have different skills to others. For example, one racer may be very fast in races whereas another racer may be good at letting you streamline him to get a boost. This adds a tactical element to the gameplay, other than the usual 'save up money and buy a bigger engine / exhaust / neon lighting strip' formula that seems to plague games like this.

You're probably wondering how the Wii remote is utilised in NFS:C. Well, right now it isn't actually known how it's implemented in the game, but it's most probably going to be in a similar way to that of Excite Truck - the Wii mote held on its side. Perhaps the developers will think of a cunning new control method, but for now we have to assume that the ExciteTruck system is being used.

Unfortunately, right now that is all that's known about the game. This is definitely one to keep your eye on, though.

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