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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
TBA 2007

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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
Written by Brett Claxton

Many a Nintendo gamer felt defeated when finding out that they werenít likely to receive the 5th instalment of the Resident Evil series. Do not fear, however - Capcom is providing Wii gamers with an exclusive title, ĎResident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.' Finally, Capcom will fill in the gaps between Resident Evil Zero, all the way up to 4. Personally, I'm relieved, because, lets face it - Resident Evil 4 explained next to nothing relating to the timeline: we need to know what happened to Umbrella in detail!

The action will take place in locations from 0 through to 4, which means Resident Evil nostalgia whores will be in heaven. However, Code Veronica will not be included - a great shame, as the locations were one of the better parts of the game.

If the saliva hasnít begun dropping from your mouth yet, then clearly you are not a Resident Evil fan. Either that, or you donít have a problem with controlling saliva.

Despite the small amount of information we have on the game at the moment, enough is known is enough to make die hard Resi fans weep with joy. The game will apparently feature most of the cast from the different games it spans. Yes, that will mean that Chris, Leon, Claire, Wesker, Rebecca, Barry and Jill will all make an appearance and you can bet that, arguably one of the most loved characters to never appear properly in one of the games, HUNK, will be making an appearance. Hopefully we will finally get to know some of HUNKís story.

Being produced by the evil genius behind porting Resident Evil 4 to the PS2, Masachika Kawata, the game is expected in 2007. No quarter has been finalised yet for any of the regions so potentially we could be waiting until Christmas. Hereís hoping we at least get it in 2007 and this doesnít become another Zelda fiasco. Umbrella Chronicles has the potential to be an essential title.

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