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Written by Phil Thompson

Even after one look at the way Nibris present Sadness, you know it's going to be something special. For example, anyone who wants information about the game from their website has to be 'Over 21'; and must 'Not suffer from a heart condition or nervous disposition.' Scary stuff.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and peculiar things Nibris says about its horror game is: 'If you're counting on shooting, litres of blood and piles of dead bodies, then unfortunately you won't find this here.' Nibris go on to say: 'We are preparing for a mood which will not leave you until the very end of the game. An irregular scenario decides on such issues as schizophrenia or narcolepsy. Apart from an extremely complex and rich-in-the-shocking-factor scenario, the power of our production is innovative use of the Wii Controller.'

It is that hook which gets me, as a gamer and reviewer, extremely excited. This will be the first game of its kind to venture into such shockingly sensitive areas and real-life difficulties. This should allow for far more varied gameplay.

The real draw Sadness holds is in the sheer ingenuity of the game. Nibris have stated on several occasions that their new-generation horror game will not feature guns or manufactured weapons, as the following quote from their website states.

'Imagine driving away rats with a torch, throwing a rope (as a lasso) when you want to climb over a wall or slitting the throat of a persecutor with a piece of glass - all of this with the help of the Wii Controller.'

The ideas above are certainly ambitious, and at the same time, utterly fascinating. The aforementioned processes will allow for a unique game, breaking away from the shoot-and-slash style Resident Evil brought to the table.

This is the type of game which will help Nintendo climb back up to the top. Such controversially mature games like Sadness will shock gamers and non-gamers alike, and this is why Sadness is what Nintendo are looking for.

The game itself is in black and white. No colours. Just black and white. Nibris have also stated that Sadness takes place in 1914. The black and white style has been implemented to create a pre-war atmosphere, one felt in twentieth century theatres.

With this incredible atmosphere, brilliant implementation and design, and a shockingly controversial storyline, Sadness is one game I myself cannot wait to get my hands on. Shame it's not out until 2007.

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