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Super Smash Brothers: Brawl
Written by James Hobbs

This game, despite the miniscule amount of information we currently have on it, looks superb. Super Smash Bros on the N64 was one of the best titles available on the system. Super Smash Bros: Melee took it to the next level, with more characters, items, and a strangely fun single player mode. To be honest, I have no idea what new features the third game in the series will bring to the franchise, but the addition of Solid Snake of Metal Gear Solid fame as a playable character is enough to get me excited.

Other than the addition of extra characters including Wario, Samus Aran minus the suit ( Metroid ), Pit ( Kid Icarus ), and Metaknight ( Kirby ), not too much else has been announced. The graphics have been given a suitable overhaul for the games’ outing on Wii, and are noticeably crisper. All that has been shown so far is a trailer, so it is unknown if it has been entirely pre-rendered or if it is the game engine being demonstrated in part. However, we can rest assured that it will look better the Melee did on the GameCube.

The most interesting information that we have so far is firstly that Brawl will not utilise the Wii controller – it will in fact use the GameCube controllers, making use of the Cube controller ports on the front of the console! Clearly Nintendo didn’t think that the Wii remote would do the game justice, and have opted for the traditional control system, which is a choice I highly approve of. Smash Bros just wouldn’t be the same without the classic control system. Secondly, Smash Bros Brawl will be online. That’s right, it will utilise the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection so that you can brawl with people from all over the planet. It is nice to see a high-profile title like this utilise the online capabilities of the Wii – it’s a shame that games like Metroid Prime 3 do not. However, we’ve always got the rather excellent Metroid Prime: Hunters on the DS to play online.

As we get more information we will update this preview, so keep checking the news page for information on any updates.

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