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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - Review ( cont'd )
Written by James Hobbs

This isnít the only problem with the levels Ė there are simply far too few of them. It took literally 20 minutes to complete the game with one character, and whilst you can go back with other characters, there isnít a great deal of incentive to do so other than to unlock hidden players. It doesnít take long before the gameplay becomes incredibly repetitive and tiresome, as there simply isnít enough variety in the levels to keep you interested. Similarly, the phrases spouted by the characters begin to loop almost immediately, providing an infuriating soundtrack to an essentially infuriating experience.

The mission mode provides an alternative to the story mode, but itís a similar experience played out on exactly the same levels, and as such it doesnít really soothe the underlying problem with the game Ė itís too limited, and far too short. The multiplayer mode suffers from the same problem, and whilst itís fun to play against other humans for a while, it too becomes tiresome after extended play. The customisation options, such as choosing the weapons available or the mode of play, makes the multiplayer perhaps the most varied game mode available, but it simply isn't enough. The incentive of unlockable characters isnít enough to make you play on unless you are a completist, and whilst some of the characters are hilarious, they become boring after youíve heard them repeat the same line 15 times in half an hour. Itís maddening.

Itís unfortunate that The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is so short Ė at first, itís very funny to watch, good fun to play, and sports a sense of humour that would appeal to younger gamers and adults alike. Sadly, it simply isnít diverse or polished enough to maintain interest unless youíre a fan of the series or very, very tenacious with games. This game would have scored higher if it had been longer Ė unfortunately, thatís not the case. One for the younger gamers, or if you fancy renting something for a quick blast.

The verdict:

A couple of hours, at the most - one for younger gamers, or if you fancy a rent. A shame.


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