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Heatseeker - Review ( cont'd )
Written by James Hobbs

This isn't the only problem with the control system. The lack of buttons on the Wii remote and nunchuck mean that several buttons have been mapped twice with controls, which occasionally results in the wrong actions being executed by a mere slip of the fingers. Jets are complicated machines, so whilst the motion-based controls are perfectly suited to the planes, the actual tactile controls are not. It's a pain in the arse, but you can get away with just using guns, weapon select, and forgetting about telling your wingmen what to do. If you're a true Top Gun-style camp king of the skies, you can handle it all on your own anyway. Then it's off to the shower for some towel-whipping with the lads.

Whilst the control issues can be worked around, it's somewhat more difficult to work around the fact that Heatseeker simply isn't that good value for money. For the price of a Wii game you get a single-player only game that, whilst entertaining, isn't that long and doesn't really provide a great deal of variety. The environments change occasionally, new planes appear, and the incredibly rubbish storyline ties it all together vaguely, but essentially the premise is simple, and recurring: shoot down the enemy. This repetition is necessary for a game like this, but the lack of multiplayer or online mode means that once you've beaten the game, it's unlikely you'll revisit it often. There are unlockable weapon packs and extra fighters, but only the completists amongst you will go back and fight through the difficulty levels to get them.

I really like Heatseeker, I really do. I find it exciting, difficult, and most importantly excellent fun, but for the price of a Wii game you can get a far deeper and more replayable title than this. If you're into flying games and you want to see how it should be done, it might be worth shelling out for it if you're a casual flyboy, it might be worth renting it first.

The verdict:

A highly entertaining shooter that doesn't offer enough longevity for the money.


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