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Kororinpa - Review ( cont'd )
Written by Phil Thompson

However, among the disappointment and disgust, Kororinpa does actually have its merits. For a start, the concept is absolutely fantastic. Having such an immense amount of control in a game like this only makes it better, and again allows for new doors to be opened throughout the development process. Also, the sound, despite the lack of Dolby support, is very, very nice, and also utilises the Wii Remoteís speaker, which is only ever a plus. The game is absolutely dripping with charm Ė each level, character and music track is absolutely goregeous, and as cute as a Carebear filled with Chupa Chups, and the graphics, while nothing outstanding, are again outlandishly cute, and arenít too painful to look at. Even on larger televisions, the picture quality isnít dire like in some games (Twilight Princess, anybody?).

Kororinpa also features a very comprehensive multiplayer mode, allowing two players to race through any one of the already unlocked levels. The interesting thing is, you donít even need two controllers, as the nature of the game allows one player to use the remote, and the other to use an attached Nunchuk controller, as they both contain the required accelerometer. The option to use two remotes is also available.

Players can also unlock bonus levels and audio tracks by collecting green crystals, however the fairly lacklustre rewards donít seem to justify the oftentimes awkward position you need to put yourself into in order to collect these crystals. Even so, the selection of unlockable content is fairly poor, with only around ten bonus courses available. The option to also play through the entire game mirrored ( only after completing all fourty-five of the original levels can the player access these mirrored levels ) is also there, however it is fairly pointless, as youíll gain no extra reward for doing so. And to be honest, theyíre not that fun either, and make the developer seem lazy at best.

The reality is, Iím not going to assign a very high mark to Kororinpa. £34.99 for a game which doesnít support 16:9, 480p, Dolby, and suffers from a complete lack of difficulty and quantity as far as levels go, isnít very impressive to begin with. Add the fact that thereís no way of updating the game through WiiConnect24 ( another thing which should be expected of future Wii puzzlers ), and what remains is a pretty piss-poor package.

The verdict:

Kororinpa is a good game, thereís just not enough of it, sadly. Hudson certainly need to revisit this concept, because itís a bloody good one.


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