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Mercury Meltdown Revolution
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Mercury Meltdown Revolution - Review ( cont'd )
Written by James Hobbs

It's not all mercury and roses though. The main game, whilst devilishly clever, does get tiresome, particularly as there are quite a few screens ( including loading screens ) in between each game area. It would have been nice to have seamless transitions between levels, such as in Super Monkey Ball. The load times themselves are also unusually long for a game like this, which may be to do with the complex physics nonetheless, they seem disproportionate to the game itself.

The lack of multiplayer, online or otherwise, means that once you have exhausted the party games and beaten the main game, there isn't that much to bring you back. Revisiting levels that you may have skipped previously provides some replay value, as there is a fairly large amount of both levels and unlockables, but ultimately once exhausted MMR may not be a game that everyone revisits that often. The generous size of the single-player game and the incentive of beating your highest scores and achieving a 'gold bung' on each test tube ( level ) means that whilst the game might appear somewhat simplistic and perhaps even shallow, there's a great deal to be getting on with you get your money's worth.

Perhaps what it most important, however, is the simple fact that Mercury Meltdown Revolution is one of the most interesting, clever, and brain-mashingly excellent games to hit Wii so far. If you don't like puzzle games, stay away; if you don't like being frustrated beyond all comprehension, stay away if you like a challenge, though, you'll be in your element here. None of the negative points are anywhere near enough to outweigh the massive amount of fun and mental taxation you can glean from this game. Recommended.

The verdict:

So very, very tricky, but impeccably designed and marvellous fun.


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