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Medal of Honor: Vanguard
FPS / Action
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Medal of Honor: Vanguard - Review ( cont'd )
Written by Phil Thompson

Graphically, the game deserves serious merit. Well established lighting has allowed the developer to produce dramatic and powerful scenes which didn’t ( but most certainly could have ) appeared in previous games on the system. Semi-destructible environments, as seems to be the norm in Wii shooters these days ( about time ) are again present, with bits of wall and glass and at times, hat, flying all over the place, making full use of particle and fragment effects, while detailed textures on walls, roads, and even trousers give the game a far more realistic feel than any of its significant competitors. The environments appear to be well structured, with only the odd shortcoming. Think floating bullet indents and magical disappearing cupboards. It’s like the USSR, but slightly less Communist. Draw distance is mediocre.

The game is split into four campaigns, each consisting of around ten or eleven missions. It probably sounds like a good fourteen or fifteen hours of gameplay, however you’d be truly lucky to get anything more than about seven or eight, maybe nine hours out of the game if you’re even slightly good at it. There appears to be a certain degree of diversity within the game, even if the genre lends itself to the feeling of having done the same thing a million times over.

That’s really where this game suffers. Behind the sparkly light effects, the pretty textures and the ‘Magic Communist Cupboards’ (which sounds like something you’d hear on Eurovision), there’s still the same old shooter you’ve played hundreds of times before. There simply isn’t anything in Medal of Honour to keep you engrossed. Sure, shooting Western-Europeans is fun, but the entire idea has become very old, and has really lost much of the appeal the series has so far withheld. With many new and previously unexplored genres being experimented with, the WWII shooter we’ve all grown to know and love is at risk of dying out. Unless a developer, no matter which one, takes hold of the reins and gives their customers something new and fresh, ther audience will shrink rapidly, until the entire consumer base for the genre has dried up. By all means, do let them continue to allow us gamers to launch nondescript Coup de mains against Germans, but let us do so in a new environment, in a new setting. EA did it with Battlefield, it’s time to give the WWII shooter the update in innovation and style it truly deserves.

The verdict:

It looks and runs ok, but there's nothing new to experience. Disappointing.


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