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Tiger Woods Box Art
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Golf sim
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Review ( cont'd )
Written by James Hobbs

It's a small wonder, then, that this game is any fun at all. That's the thing - it actually is quite entertaining, sometimes, if the right amount of practice is put into the game. Once you get the hang of the controls, or rather work around their inefficiencies, it's a passable effort that never really rises out of the slow-paced mediocrity that is associated with golfing. More visual pizazz would have helped to lift this game up more, as there really isn't any excuse whatsoever for animals that move about 2 frames per second through forests, and it's thoroughly off-putting when you do see them. Similarly, the control system and the way in which your movements translate into on-screen action needs significant refinement if it is to really shine above the other incarnations of the game.

It's not all bad, though. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 supports 4 player multiplayer, with a variety of different game modes. The game also features an incredibly sophisticated character creation system, allowing you to create your own golfer and take him through the PGA Tour, increasing his statistics and eventually allowing you to purchase vast amounts of different clothing, clubs, and so on. What's more, wearing certain brands of clothing in tournaments allows you to earn sponsorship money - a nice touch. It's clearly a well-thought out game, conceptually at least, it's in the actual implementation of features and ideas that Tiger Woods falls down somewhat.

Some controls elements are well implemented - the ability to spin your shots after the ball has left the tee might be unrealistic, but it does come in useful as you get onto more difficult courses - simply holding a direction on the D-Pad and shaking the Wii remote allows you to gently guide the ball as it courses through the air. There's also an option to use the control stick on the Nunchuck controller to swing - whilst this is a nice addition, there really isn't any point getting this game if you intend to use the control stick to play it - you'll find a much better looking and easier version on the Xbox 360 for exactly the same money.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is a good start, and if you're a golf fan with enough patience then it's definitely worth picking up. For those more casual gamers, you might find it a bit dull and difficult to control - it's hard to deny that at times, it most certainly is.

The verdict:

One for those with patience, or a love of golf.


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