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Game Developer's Conference 2007 - Round-up
Written by James Hobbs

This year's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco didn't really reveal a great deal in terms of new Nintendo information. We never really expected it to, however - the GDC is more of an introspective industry event than a massive showboating opportunity for masses of new product and ideas to be unleashed on the public.
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He's the man
The 'talk and you die' gag order slapped onto all Nintendo staff ensured that, if there were to be anything revealed, revelations would be fairly minor and inconsequential - a massive Nintendo stock deal in Japan due to go ahead meant that the company had to seem consistent, ruling out any drastic new announcements.

Despite this, we did learn a few new bits of information about Wii, and there was also an insight into the mind and life of the finest game developer the world has ever seen - Shigeru Miyamoto. In his keynote speech to a drooling assembly, Mr Miyamoto deftly dodged around mentioning any new Wii functionality, and instead opted to explain where he got his ideas for Pikmin, how his wife is now into gaming thanks to the DS, and generally just act like a thoroughly nice chap.

However, amongst the plesantries lurked some new bits and bobs - namely a brand new trailer for Super Mario Galaxy, which you can download from our server here. It's looking absolutely gorgeous, and it's wonderful to finally see Mario actually looking like he belongs in the current generation. The quality of the animation is very high indeed, with some lovely focus effects blurring the background whilst the action in the foreground riots on. Massive boiling planets and suns lurk amongst the stars, and the planetoids themselves look as ridiculous as you'd expect, whilst retaining that Mario magic. After watching this trailer, I'm more excited than before about Galaxy - let's hope we see it this year.

The only other Wii-relevant information revealed by Mr Miyamoto was an expansion to the Mii service. Mr Miyamoyo revealed that, pending an upgrade to the Mii channel or a new dedicated channel, you will be able to enter your Miis in competitions, and compare your Miis with others. No real concrete details were given on this, but it's certainly good to see that Miis will be utilised a bit more - better integration with games would also be nice to see.

Click here to watch a stream of Shigeru Miyamoto's keynote speech at GDC 2007.

In the next few weeks and months we should start seeing some announcements that might give us a bit of more of an idea as to what Nintendo have planned for Wii - assuming the stock sale goes through without a hitch.

Let's hope it does.

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