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DS to Wii - the next step
Written by Phil Thompson

Satoru Iwata
Satoru Iwata
When Nintendo first revealed their revolutionary controller at TGS back in 2005, I was amazed. What Iwata-San showcased, was a controller which will truly revolutionise the way we play and look at games. The months of speculation could not have been further from the mark - one tiny controller will herald the beginning of a new era in gaming.

The Wii remote itself is the key to the success, or the failure, or the console. Let us begin with the aesthetics of the Wii Remote. Firstly, it's long and angular. Nintendo expressed the idea of getting people who have never played a game into gaming, and clearly thought that the unique style of the Wii Remote would attract such gamers. Everyone knows how to 'wield' a remote control, and the Wii mote is no different. This is all part of a 'New Ways To Play' appeal Nintendo have launched, which opens up a whole new path in the gaming world.

This is a path which may not suit everybody, but let us just remember that Nintendo DS took this path a year ago - the DS is now enjoying worldwide sales figures topping 15 million. The newly released DS Lite sold out in most Japanese stores in under a day. The machine caused riots in the Japanese streets. Not large riots, but riots nonetheless. It is the Nintendo DS that built the demand in the industry which provided evidence enough for Nintendo to say 'Right. Stick that in Wii.'

What Nintendo appear not to have taken into account however, is the fact that the Handheld market and the Home Console market are two very different markets; one dominated by casuals, the other by hardcores. These are, as it stands, generalisations, but they are accurate nonetheless. The industry has seen Sony attempt to bridge the gap between these two markets with the Playstation Portable, and in some respects, it has been successful. In different respects, it has proved unsuccessful. Especially when compared to Nintendo DS.

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