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The demise of E3
Written by Phil Thompson

For the past twelve years E3, a gaming exposition held in the huge Los Angeles Convention Centre, has been a yearly highlight for fans and media alike. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent each year on single stalls, even for smaller publishers, whereas the larger publishers ( EA, Nintendo, SCEA and Microsoft Game Studios ) have been known to spend millions more on their own stalls. For example, this year's Nintendo Booth was, according to media sources, spectacular.

Look at the line of televisions. Panasonic must have had a field day when Nintendo asked for those.

Anyway, you can probably see where the millions of dollars went this year. But was it really worth it? It is arguable that E3 is simply an ego boost, a place for Publishers to show off how much money they have. And for the most part, this remains true. Small Publisher booths pale in comparison to Nintendo's gargantuan booth, and this is where the problems start.

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