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Trauma Center / The Wii House: Day Two
Written by James Hobbs

We went back, and we've got a brand new video...

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Wii House
The Wii House
I didn't really like this game when I played it briefly yesterday. However, that was mainly due to ignorance - nobody had explained the control system, and so my attention waned and I wandered off to play Tony Hawks. However, today I spent significantly more time with the game, and mastered the controls...

It's actually very good. What seems to confusing at first ( to me at least ) is, in fact, rather intuitive. The Wii Remote is used to manipulate the various medical tools at your disposal, with the nunchuck analogue stick used to select the tools. The operations vary from routine to obscenely hard, and throughout the controls are used effectively. For example, using forceps to remove a piece of glass from a patient's arm require you to 'pinch' the forceps together - by simultaeneously clicking the B trigger and the A button. The level of immersion is quite impressive.

The graphics, whilst cartoony and stylised, do not in any way detract from the graphic nature of the game. It's a testament to how well executed it is that some sections make your stomach turn. Removing tumours from a stomach has never been my idea of fun, but somehow it is in this game, and it makes you feel rather good when you manage to just about save a patient's life when their vital signs are dropping.

The only fault I had with the game was the horribly extended cut scenes ( which, unlike Red Steel, you can skip ), and the dreadful music. Other than that, it's incredibly fun and original. I'd recommend giving it a try, unless you really do have a weak stomach.

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