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Twilight Princess / The Wii House: Day Two
Written by James Hobbs

We went back, and we've got a brand new video...

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Wii House
The Wii House
Even the generous amount of time we spent with Twilight Princess was nowhere near enough. Quite simply, this game is absolutely gigantic. From what we've seen, the figure of 70 hours to completion seems about right - we barely made a dent in the game. The beauty of it, however, it that you never feel in any great rush. There's plenty of people to interact with, plenty of areas to explore, and the whole thing is packaged together in such a lovely, almost rustic way that you don't feel it necessary to charge on to the next area immediately.

As you may have seen from our video report, you can ride the horse almost immediately, unlike The Ocarina of Time. Whilst it was quite nice in OoT to see the horse as a foal, and anticipate finally getting hold of the beast, the instant gratification of charging round a field in Twilight Princess is certainly not a bad thing. The only fault with the horse is the terrible 'goat herding' you are required to do, and some slight problems with turning in small spaces. However, once in the open, most problems are alleviated, and it's incredibly good fun.

The controls have improved immeasurable since the demo version, and today we finally got to play around with the sword and the slingshot, not to mention a bird of prey attracted to elves blowing through grass. The pointing system is incredibly easy to get to grips with, and allocating items and weapons to the B trigger is simply a case of pressing the '-' button and dragging. It's not as clumsy as the E3 version we played, and feels significantly refined.

I won't spoil any more of the game for you, but it's safe to say that you will enjoy it. It seems to be the most comprehensive Zelda yet, and in some ways is even harder than the previous outings. It certainly hasn't been watered down.

Anyone not getting this game with their Wii is going to be seriously missing out. You have been warned.

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