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Super Monkey Ball / The Wii House: Day One
Written by James Hobbs

James and Ed went to the secret Wii House in London...

Stream removed...

Super Monkey Ball has always been one of my favourite games - whilst infuriatingly difficult at points, it somehow manages to get itself back into my good books with a few impish smiles from the monkeys, and some fiendishly clever level design. Whilst some fans may have been hoping for a different Monkey Ball experience on Wii, they may be disappointed to find out that the format has not changed much. However, what has been added is undoubtedly good, and overall provides the most superior Monkey Ball experience thus far.

The Wii remote is held out in front of you, and tilted to roll your simian avatar throughout each level. This is surprisingly easy to get used to, particularly if you've played Monkey Ball games before, and soon becomes just as familiar as using an analogue stick. Unfortunately, this doesn't make the game any easier, and falling off the platform for the fifth time in a row evokes the same amount of primal rage as before. However, a new dynamic is present - the addition of a jump button. This means that the levels are a bit more technical, with more obstacles to get past. It doesn't complicate matters, it simply adds to the experience. Sega seem to have really cracked it with this one.

As usual, a series of mini-games complement the main gaming mode. Some of the usual suspects are present, along with some newer mini-games. Sadly, some of the mini-games aren't quite as consistently entertaining as the single-player - Monkey Boxing in particular simply didn't feel right, especially when compared to Wii Sports Boxing. The regular mini-games such as Monkey Race are back in splendid form, and running incredibly smoothly even with 8 monkeys on screen at once. Whilst some of the mini-games are a let down, on the whole the standards are fairly high, and it bodes well for the finished game.

Quite simply, despite there being no major deviation from the Monkey Ball formula, this is certainly one of the most fun and addictive games Wii currently has. Recommended, already.

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