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Tony Hawks' Downhill Jam / The Wii House: Day One
Written by James Hobbs

James and Ed went to the secret Wii House in London...

Stream removed...

Tony Hawks Downhill Jam was a curious game. It's gone against the continuing trend of increasing complexity in the Tony Hawks' series, and has instead opted for an incredibly simple control system and game principle. In some ways, it's rather successful - whilst the controls took a little while to get used to, they are for the most part satisfactory, whilst never becoming perfect. The graphics in this demo aren't particularly great, the finished game should have a bit more polish to it, but it still managed to hurtle along at a very fast pace without slowing down.

However, something about the game doesn't quite feel right. There is an underlying sense that you're not entirely in control of your character, and the control system occasionally did not respond and then suddenly launched you into a wall. The trick system has also been incredibly reduced and simplified - whilst it's still possible to link tricks together, there didn't seem to be an option to manual - it's all done in the ollie.

However, as this is only a demo I will reserve judgment until Activision send us the final game - it certainly has the potential to be a lot of fun, if not a Project 8 Killer.

1 - Introduction
2 - Wii Play impressions
3 - Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz impressions
4 - Twilight Princess impressions
5 - Tony Hawks' Downhill Jam impressions
6 - Excite Truck impressions
7 - Rayman: Raving Rabbids impressions
8 - Call of Duty 3 impressions

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