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Rayman Raving Rabbids / The Wii House: Day One
Written by James Hobbs

James and Ed went to the secret Wii House in London...

Stream removed...

Rayman: Raving Rabbids has gone through rather a lot of changes since the conception of the game - originally destined to be a platforming game in the vein of the previous Rayman games, it was instead changed into a party game.

Rioting nearly ensued. I must confess to throwing a few bricks myself - I don't really like party games too much. Especially party games that could have been an excellent platformer.

However, Rayman absolutely blew my socks off. It's a positive triumph of senseless bizarre gaming genius, encased in a disgustingly well presented game that made me laugh more than a game has for ages. It's so weird, so twisted, and so fun that we didn't want to stop playing it.

There is a vague story, but it's so odd that I won't go into it in any great detail - the main aim of the game is to win various minigames, encompassing differing genres, in order to release small blue frog-like beings, who seem to have been locked in cages. This minigames revolve around beating the living hell of incredibly odd looking rabbits - perhaps survivors of myxomatosis? The rabbits seem to have incredibly strange pastimes, including chaining up petrified cows, defecating in unison on beaches, and running around futuristic looking labs firing plungers and missiles. It's all incredibly surreal, but every single minigame we played was executed, down to the last detail, in the most perfect fashion.

The controller is used in every way imaginable, and incredibly effectively - this was particularly noticeable in the first-person shooter style scenes. These were on rails, with the Wii remote used to fire plungers at rabbits, and the nunchuck used to reload by shaking it. This worked impossibly well, and perhaps hints towards the future of shoot 'em ups on Wii - it really was that good. Somehow, despite the insanely improbable circumstances, the game managed to create a tense atmosphere in these minigames. Who knows. We certainly don't.

This game really is that good. It's fun, it's engaging, and it's downright silly, and I would already recommend it for purchase despite not having played a finished version.

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